Testimonials: From the Horse Owner's Mouths

 Photo Below: " A HUGE Thank You to the world's best riding instructor for helping me with Chief and reminding me how to ride! Top photo shows how we started out...Bottom photo after just a few minutes! Relaxed, gentle contact, loose and stretching down! Such a difference in just one ride.....I have my horse back!"  Jenny Harris on Cheif

" Through your patience and kindness, you have given me back the joy of horses and riding. You are a wonderful teacher and I offer this gratitude with heartfelt thanks."

Tamara Joseph

"Lynn holds the welfare of the animals foremost when she works with their human partners. She instinctively can read the horses' needs and carries that into her own riding as well as her teaching. I am always confident to recommend her to people looking for good instruction and horse care."

Ann Guptill:  Fox Ledge Farm: Owner/Trainer: USDF Gold Medallist

 "Lynn is an amazing instructor! I have had the pleasure of riding with her and I cannot say enough good things. She is very knowledgeable and so personable. I admire her ability to teach each and every one of us students."

From ratemyprofessor.com

Please see ratemyprofessor.com  Lynn Smiley for more ratings.

"Lynn is a gifted teacher and talented rider who can tap into each individual's goals and aspirations.  She has the ability to break down why we ride the way we do and how the horse interprets our signals and aids.  Brass Ring cultivates both riding ability along with understanding: a very rare find.  Lynn's compassion for horses is contagious and you can't help but pick up on the positive energy that all of her horses radiate."

Abby Hanc: Experienced Amateur Adult Equestrian


"Lynn is a talented teacher and rider with good understanding of instructional design and delivery. She served as an excellent addition to our equine program at Johnson & Wales Univerity as an adjunct faculty member."

Beth Beukema, Former Director/ Dept. Chairperson, Center for Equine Studies, Johnson & Wales University

" Lynn has an excellent reputation as someone who helps her students and the horses under her training achieve their goals through fostering positive working relationships and building confidence in both the rider and the horse."
Darlene Walsh, Private Owner, experienced Dressage rider

"Around Lynn horses are happy and riders are confident. She knows how horses think and what they need from riders so both are at their best. My daughter has grown so much in her ability to ride and her overall confidence as an individual."

Bonnie Grassie Hughes 

Photo Below: Bonnie's daughter Paige riding Magique at Brass Ring.

Photo Below: Abby Hanc enjoying a meadow hack on Indy.